Multidisciplinary advocacy with a business vision.

We are a reference in the provision of legal services, with a diversified client portfolio. With national and international operations, we are members of Alliance of Business Lawyers – ABL, the largest international networks of lawyer across the world.

Draft, analysis and negotiation of contracts; follow-up of commitment terms and conduct adjustment; analysis and management of environmental licensing processes in the municipal, state and federal spheres, with emphasis on business feasibility; legislative and environmental jurisprudence updating for clients, administrative and judicial litigation.

Assistance in the identification of risks related to compliance practices and corporate integrity; auditing of third parties and contracts; due diligence in merger and acquisition processes, including identification and protection of possible contingencies related to succession for anti-corruption issues.

Negotiation, drafting and revision of national and international contracts of all types and modalities; modeling, negotiation and drafting of complex contracts such as built to suit, sale & leaseback, turnkey and global contract; analysis and drafting of policies, procedures and minutes for recurrent hiring.

Assistance in structuring foreign investments in Brazil and obtaining visas, as well as in Brazilian capital transactions abroad, such as the constitution and investments in trusts and offshores; draft of legal opinions and performance in judicial and arbitration proceedings.

Preventive and litigation actions; representation of clients in concentration acts before the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade); representation in investigations of anticompetitive conducts and in judicial and administrative proceedings.

Multidisciplinary assistance in conflict prevention and resolution, either extrajudicially, through complex negotiations or mediations, or in administrative, judicial or arbitration proceedings, in the defense of clients’ interests in matters related to the most varied themes, with an interdisciplinary performance with the other areas of the firm.

Multidisciplinary advocacy with a business vision.
We are a reference in the provision of legal services, with a diversified client portfolio. With national and international operations, we are members of Alliance of Business Lawyers – ABL, the largest international networks of lawyer across the world.

Assistance in judicial restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, liquidations of financial institutions, judicial administration of bankrupt estates, and recovery of credits in bankruptcy proceedings.

Assistance in Merger and Acquisition operations in the most diverse sectors of the economy, actively participating in all stages of the project, whether acting on the buyer or seller side; due diligences; negotiation and draft of contracts necessary for the operation and definition of the most appropriate corporate structures.

Advising investors and organizations in the development of regulations, registration, public offers and in administrative proceedings and consultations before CVM, BM&FBOVESPA and CETIP; opening and closing capital; structuring of investment funds; consultancy in securitization operations; structuring financing operations; financing projects; issuance of legal opinions regarding banking sector; development of investment projects for obtaining tax incentives.

Advice on real estate and urban operations; analysis of incorporations, dismemberments, institution of condominiums and subdivisions; constitution of real estate funds (FII and FIP); structuring real guarantees; advice on matters relating to master and zoning plans and, as well, urban law in general.

Broad and multidisciplinary practice in wealth and succession planning processes, from the mapping of the heritage collection and the corporate and family organization to the definition and implementation of the most efficient structures to be implemented; elaboration of prenuptial pacts; formalization of stable unions; alteration of the marriage property rulings and drafting of wills.

We operate in several regulated sectors, through the advice of companies in relation to the interpretation and implementation of technical standards applicable to their business, whose control is carried out by various organs and entities of the Public Administration, such as ANP, ANTAQ, ANATEL, ANAC, ANM, ANTT, ANVISA, ANS, ANA, ANEEL, Federal Police, Army, Ministries and State Regulatory Agencies. We assist in the conduct of judicial and administrative proceedings related to the supervision committed by the administrative authorities in the most diverse sectors of the economy, maintaining strong performance with the Government with regard to the defense of infraction notices, the regularization of licenses, permissions and authorizations, the regularization of products and commercial advertising, the interdictions, interventions and suspension of activities of establishments , the collection of products (recall), the analysis of contracts for the provision of regulated services, among other procedures.

In energy, our customers include distributors, traders, free and special consumers, and investors. The firm provides consulting services in regulatory, corporate, environmental, contractual and tax issues specific to the electricity sector, administrative-regulatory and judicial litigation, arbitrations, advice on auctions promoted by ANEEL, preparation or review and negotiation of various contractual instruments relevant to the electricity sector: contracts for the purchase and sale of electricity, contracts for connection to the distribution system or transmission of electricity and contracts for the use of distribution or transmission systems , contracts aimed at distributed generation, such as operation contracts & maintenance and rental of electricity generation systems, preparation, review and negotiation of contracts related to the development of projects in the electricity sector, advice on tariff adjustment and review processes, structuring, implementation and financing of electricity generation projects.

Comprehensive advisory services involving corporate matters; incorporation of companies and associations; negotiation and preparation of shareholders’ agreements, minutes of general meetings, amendments to articles of association; implementation of corporate governance rules; conduct of mergers, spin-offs and incorporation; negotiation and mediation of corporate conflicts.

Preventive and consultative practice with a multidisciplinary perspective in relation to the various areas of the organization; advice to business unions, support in collective bargaining and solid litigation practice in managing complex individual causes; development of lawsuit reports with statistical, financial and managerial information; workshops, training and seminars on relevant labor issues.

Legal mentoring with connection to all areas of business law for all phases of a startup’s development cycle: ideation, operation, traction, and scale-up, covering corporate structuring, regulatory solutions, intellectual property, privacy policy, investment raising, vendor agreements, and sales transactions.

Tax consulting; tax planning; defense of infraction notices; assistance in obtaining special regimes and tax incentives; recovery of tax credits; review of tax procedures and tax due diligence; offsetting of tax credits; settlement of tax debts; obtaining CND and REFIS.

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